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Contemporary artist, drawing erotic



My artist's name is Marie Getta. I am 26. I am based in Moscow but have international experience. 

My artworks are kept in private collections around the world. 

I finished an art school in Moscow, studied at the Russian Stroganov art Academy. I am thankful to all my teachers, but I believe that most of my skills and my vision are the result of my personal input. 

 I came to erotic art experimenting and being in search of myself, trying to get to understand 

my personality, desires, and sexuality.


I am driven by the desire to explore the nature of humans and my own sexuality through the prism of my art.

I believe that every emotion and feeling experienced by a human is indeed beautiful. Creating art I want to show all the edges of individuality and talk about the beauty of the soul through the expression of the bodies.

Erotism has been existing in art through the times. And I am here to convey it in my personal way.


Selected exhibitions

Collective exhibition of contemporary artists. Izo Art Gallery. Moscow. 23.10 - 29.10 2018

Collective exhibition of young contemporary artists "Open the door". A3 Gallery. Moscow. 13.02 - 17.02 2019

Opening event "Contemporary mood". Boomer Gallery. London. 03.07 - 09.07. 2020

Collective exhibition of young contemporary artists. W&P Gallery. Moscow. 24.09 - 30.09. 2020

Exhibition and contemporary art fair. Moscow. 10.09 - 16.09.2020



Expoarte with Context Art gallery. Brescia. Italy. 23.11 - 25.11.2020 

Paratissima Art Station with Context Art gallery. Turin. Italy. 06.11 - 09.11.2020 
Lucca Art Fair with Context Art gallery. Italy. 27.11 - 29.11.2020

Personal Interview in M&Art Magazine - Release in October 15, 2020

Spread in M&Art Magazine - Release on 24.02.2021


Exhibition of selected artworks  "Pleasure and erotism" Le fabulous Shop. Athens, Greece - May 2021

Feira Dolomiti Art Fair with Context Art gallery. Belluno. Italy. 13.05 - 16.05.2021

Godness Show with Artemesia Galerie Denver. Colorado. 23.04 - 19.06.2021

Kink Show with Artemesia Galerie Denver. Colorado. September 2021
Solo Exhibition "Dressed in Nudity". Moscow. Paris. The exact dates are being specified


Represented by Context Art Gallery based in Italy (Venice).

Contact the Gallery: Instagram @context_artgallery; E-mail:


Art agent for Museum of Contemporary Art, Artplu in Shanghai, China

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