The custom arts can be based on your fantasies, photos, videos, my other arts, or your personal erotic photos. 
All commissions based on your personal photos are confidential. I share them publicly only after your permission.


If you do not know yet what you want exactly, just place a request and we will discuss all the details.


The drawing or painting can be based on your provided personal photos as well as on abstract images. I accept personal erotic photos and portraits. 

Giving me the opportunity to draw you, you automatically agree that the result is my unique vision and author's style, which you can watch on the website.


I provide the opportunity to pay 50% before the start and 50% when I send you a preview of a final drawing or painting.


I make delivery only after 100% payment.


Relevant for all the graphic paper drawings and digital artworks. 

If you would like to order a canvas painting, we need to discuss the details

before I can orient you on the cost. Please, leave your contacts. 

100€ - 250€

€100 30X40 CM
€120 40X50 CM

€160 60X75 CM

I make posters with any artworks in

my Gallery. That is a high-quality print on an art paper on which I add some elements with golden or copper ink and put the signature. 

€250 21X30 CM (A4)
€300 30X40 CM (A3)

€400 40X60 CM (A2)

I create an original graphic drawing

on paper. We can discuss any other sizes individually. 

I make a digital drawing using iPad

and Procreate.  I send you a high-resolution file that you are able to print in any size or use on the web.

The price depends on the subjective assessment of difficulty and style.

A Certificate of authenticity is provided with each original artwork.

A personally signed card is attached to each order.